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Salon & Spa Coaching Running a salon or spa is hard work. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Since 1993, our salon business consultants have been working in the trenches with owners just like you, who realized they could hit their goals sooner vs. later by working with an expert. Whatever your challenge, we can help. What can Strategies coaching do for you? Increase profit and cash reserves Structure pay scales & review systems Strengthen management & delegation skills Streamline guest-care procedures Payroll cost control Design and live a cash-flow plan Inspire team members to be better leaders Empower your staff Track, evaluate, and increase customer loyalty Develop shared accountability Implement communication tools & improve focus Gain confidence & grow business Our Process The Initial Conversation From the moment you get on the phone with us, you’ll begin to sense a different approach to our relationship. While many other salon and spa business consultants and coaches begin with a hard sales pitch and promises of increased sales and busier service providers, our approach is very different. We start the conversation learning about you and your business. What are your long-term goals? Where are you stuck? Together, we’ll map out a detailed course of action, including costs and timelines. Assign the Perfect Coach(es) The first step after you sign up for coaching or a Strategies Membership is an in-depth assessment of your salon business. Once completed, we put together a project-based action plan, and then assemble the appropriate team of Certified Strategies Coaches to help you get the job done right. See, at Strategies, we recognize the individual expertise of each of our coaches. And with a project-based action plan, you’re ensured that you’re always working with the best and most qualified salon business consultant for the job. You will also have one “main coach” who will be your main point of contact throughout our relationship. Getting it Done Once you are matched up with the perfect CSCs, it’s time to get to work. First up, we get you set up in the Strategies Command Center, our proprietary cloud-based salon coaching platform which you and your CSCs will use to keep track of all your projects and financials. From this point on, you and your CSCs will attack your long-term goals head-on, working through phone coaching and screen-sharing sessions, email communication, and even on-site training. Making it Stick One of the most dangerous things we see other salon and spa coaches and consultants do is convincing their clients to make drastic changes in their companies, yet offer little-to-no support once those changes are made. Worse still, often times these short-term fixes end up doing more harm than good. At Strategies, we believe that your success is not an option … it’s our duty. That’s why we take such pride and passion in ensuring that the successes you achieve while working with us will continue for the life of your business. Whether it’s through salon coaching, seminars, webinars or private membership events, we’ve got your back every step of the way. How we’ll work together… Our Memberships When you’re ready for results, no support program is as intensive as a Strategies Membership. Phone coaching, seminars, webinars and on-sites, all for one low monthly price. Learn more 1-on-1 Coaching Ever wish you could have a salon or spa business expert on speed dial? That’s exactly what you get with Strategies 1-on-1 Coaching. No obstacle or long-term goal is too lofty. Learn more On-site Coaching Whether it’s front desk training, a Team-Based Pay conversion or a customized event to address a very specific need, there’s no faster way to produce results than bringing us on-site. Learn more Command Center The Strategies Command Center is the first cloud-based coaching system to offer secure access to an unrivaled array of coaching tools, project management and planning templates. Learn more It’s tough to be a leader today. Sometimes you need a little guidance to get back on track and stay there, no matter what challenges come your way. That’s where salon coaching from Strategies comes in. Your Certified Strategies Coach (CSC) will take the time to get to know you and your business. Together, you’ll explore where you are — and where you want your company to go. You’ll work with your CSC to develop the plan to get there. You’ll do the work, your Certified Strategies Coach will guide you and hold you accountable, and we’ll all celebrate every win along the way. Get started with a free coaching call!