Building Predictability Into Your Salon or Spa

October 29, 2018 | By Neil Ducoff | 1 Comment

Definition of “Predictability”: The consistent repetition of a state, course of action, behavior, or the like, making it possible to know in advance what to expect.

Having predictability in your salon/spa business is like having your very own crystal ball into the near future.

  • You would know that monthly service and retail goals would be achieved.
  • You would be confident that Net Profit and your Profit & Loss Statement would put a smile on your face.
  • You would know that new hires would be skill certified on schedule.
  • You would know that first-time and existing client retention rates would reflect your culture’s commitment to excellence.

All in all, you would enjoy that sense of wellbeing knowing that your salon/spa would perform consistently well.

FACT #1: In business, rules and structure shape thinking and behavior to create more predictable outcomes. The more thorough the rules and structure are dialed in, the more predictable the outcomes become.

FACT #2: Delivering extraordinary customer service is more than an outcome. It’s the end result of well-designed and well-executed systems, rules and structure.

  • For employees, creating career and income growth is the end result of systems, rules and structure.

You can’t “wish” predictability. Creating profit, paying down debt and building cash reserves is the end result of systems, rules and structure.

If all the above are the end result of systems, rules and structure, why do so many salon/spa owners and employees resist or fight them?

The easy answer is that many salon/spa owners are, or were, service providers. Their passion for “doing the work” came long before “leading the work.”

Here is my six-point No-Compromise Leadership strategy for building predictability into your salon/spa:

  1. Know your DESTINATION: Yes, we preach creating and living your Cash-Flow Plan, but having absolute clarity in your vision is equally as important. Numeric goals are for measuring progress against plan. Clarity of vision is where heart, mind and passion translate into numbers and percentages. People work hard to reach a destination they are passionate about. The destination is so much more than a number. Having absolute clarity of vision is like ultra-high definition television. Predictability requires a vision that is breathtaking enough to capture the hearts and minds of those you lead.
  2. Banish MEDIOCRITY: Leaders that tolerate mediocrity will always struggle to hit their numeric goals. Simply put, you can’t hit 100% of goal with 80% of the effort required. Mediocrity dials back every aspect of performance especially “sense of urgency.” Mediocrity communicates that “okay is good enough.” It’s okay to be late. It’s okay not to perform within time standards. It’s okay not to prebook and recommend products for home use. If you can predict coming up short, then it’s time to banish mediocrity.
  3. Skill Certify EVERYTHING: Salons and spas are skill-based service businesses. Therefore, every employee must be skilled certified in all technical skills and customer service systems. The predictable outcome of a comprehensive Internal Skill Certification Program is consistency. Anything less is leaving success to chance. 
  4. Coach for EXCELLENCE: Inconsistencies are best described as “coaching opportunities.” Excellence cannot be achieved through micro-managing, rules or handbooks. Coaching is about engagement and continuous improvement.
  5. Hold everyone ACCOUNTABLE: Predictability means holding everyone to a higher standard of performance. Creating a culture of accountability begins with the owner and leaders. Too often, the process of holding people accountable is confused with confrontation. As stated, it begins with clarity of vision. Accountability is the discipline and commitment to achieve a vision.
  6. Show APPRECIATION for the right outcomes: Appreciation is simply showing gratitude for the work of others. Appreciation is the human side of leadership. To be appreciated for a job well done is about acknowledgement and creating a sense of pride in those you lead. Without appreciation, work is work. The fastest way to achieve predictability in business is to nurture a shared sense of pride.

Here’s my challenge to you: Begin treating and viewing predictability as an outcome. The drivers of predictability are outlined above. Each requires an open and honest assessment of your leadership abilities and shortcomings. Creating predictability means pursuing and leading others to achieve excellence.

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