5 ways to boost summer sales in the salon or spa

July 19, 2012 | By Bruce Hourigan | No Comments

Ah yes, the lazy days of summer. Often times, those lazy days seap into the atmosphere in the salon/spa — and you can tell things at the salon are little too slow, or just too quite. You walk on the floor and you feel as though you are being watched, and it looks like the staff is lacking energy or urgency. Is it because its summer and we are all chilled and relaxed? In the end, it doesn’t really matter what it is — we need a mood shift!

Here are few tips to recharge your team’s morale — and boost those summer sales:

  1. Identify who in the salon need an uplift, get them to go to hair show or class.
  2. When times are not so busy, bring in a motivator to come for an ” hour of power” (stand up comedy theaters often do team building sessions), or just play a game every morning to boost moral.
  3. Change the music.
  4. Have a sale contest with a team goal. This will hike up the urgency and, if you add elements that make it fun and engage clients, now you’ve created buzz!
  5. Great game: Give your staff an opportunity to do great things, and reward them for their efforts. Example: Each member has the opportunity to “wow” the client. The best “wow” gets a reward. Give a budget of up to $25.00 a person to wow the client, although you don’t have to use money for it’s not in the budget — everybody can get creative .

Create fun and it will change the atmosphere.

Have some fun times to beat the summer blues in your salon or spa? Share them with us below.

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