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Team-Based Referrals

Is your entire salon/spa team referral worthy?

Monday, May 2, 2022 - 11am Eastern

Earning referrals is a team sport. Is your team playing the game?

Referrals are the "brass ring" of the beauty industry.

No matter how much time and money you spend on advertising and social media, the most potent and valuable source of new business will always come from existing clients.

But referrals aren't handed out for free — they must be earned.

And not just by service providers — it's a collective effort from everyone that comes in contact with your clients.

Just one indifferent or grumpy encounter — whether it's on the phone, at the front desk, or during a treatment — can turn a positive referral into a negative review.

Register now for this FREE Power Hour training, and we'll show you how to ensure that your entire team is earning referrals from your clients on every visit.

Topics for this free training include:

  • How and why to create a company code of conduct that states, "Everyone is responsible for creating extraordinary client experiences."
  • What an extraordinary client experience should look like in your company.
  • How to determine if your team is ready for a referral program.
  • How to track and analyze your existing referral program.

Earning referrals is a team sport. It's also the most powerful — and affordable — way to recruit raving fans. Join us on Monday, May 2nd, and we'll show you how to set your team up for success.

Register for this free training and discover how to create more referrals using a team-based approach.

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