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How to Hire the Perfect Team Member for Your Salon/Spa!

Wednesday, July 21st, 3pm Eastern

Are You Choosing the Right New Hires for Your Salon/Spa Team?

Finding new hires is a constant struggle for ALL salon, spa and medspa owners.

But FINDING them might not be your biggest challenge.

The bigger hurdle may come AFTER the interview process when it's time to CHOOSE the right team member for your company.

Because in this current job market, the last thing you want to do is recruit a "warm body" to fill a position.

During this month's free Power Hour training, we'll show you how to make sure the potential candidate you are hiring will be a perfect fit for your business, team, goals, and clients.

We'll begin by exploring the three rules of hiring the right candidate:

  • Rule #1: Protect the culture! Who is going to be the best fit for your team? You cannot hire just because you "like" the applicant.
  • Rule #2: You have to know WHY you are hiring. Hiring should always be done based on NEED, not want, and especially not out of fear.
  • Rule #3: You must never violate your process. It is who you are, and it defines what developed your culture.

How will you protect your culture and keep your company healthy while filling a void with the "unknown" that is a new team member? It's a delicate task, and we're going to give you some quick tips to guide you through the process.

We’ll also share tips to help you:

  • Map out a multi-step interview process.
  • Outline the right questions to ask potential candidates.
  • Avoid the hiring pitfalls we see WAY too many owners make.

Register now for this free training, and learn a systematic approach to hiring the best fit for your company and culture.