May 4, 2020

The Happiness System: Salon/Spa Pre-book Made Simple!

Onlive Training Event

Price: $297

The simple, proven system to drive pre-book, client retention and productivity!

A whole month of HAPPINESS?! You bet your sweet pre-book!!

It’s time to stop playing and get serious about the most comprehensive system around. This one’s GOT IT ALL:

  • Looking to drive client retention and create the ULTIMATE CLIENT EXPERIENCE? DONE!
  • Striving to grow pre-book and increase productivity? DONE!
  • Needing a system that unites team and creates seamless professionalism? DONE!

Why use the Happiness System? It locks in the delivery of verbal and written pre-book and retail recommendations by service providers – and gets that info to checkout for guest services to complete the pre-book and retail sale.

But wait, there’s MORE!

We’ll wrap our basic Happiness System components – accurate service tickets and both written and verbal retail and pre-book recommendations – with the ultimate consultations we covered in our Consultation Onlive—and even include the role of the guest care team.

Happiness is not just a feeling, it’s a CRITICAL SYSTEM that starts with the first contact – phone, online, walk-in – to the last, including client call-backs, an integral part of that ULTIMATE CLIENT EXPERIENCE!

Live Workshop Agenda:

Session 1: The Nuts & Bolts of Happiness

  • The hows and whys of the basic Happiness format
  • Tracking and celebrating successes
  • Happiness by the numbers – CRITICAL NUMBERS, that is!
  • Common Happiness roadblocks
  • The ongoing, never-ending process of education

Session 2: Leadership’s Role with Happiness

  • Putting the WHY in Happiness
  • Modeling the precise behaviors you need to see
  • How to use the NO-COMPROMISE Happiness approach
  • Understanding the growth target impact
  • Communication, communication, communication!

Session 3: Your Team and the Happiness System

  • Driving the Happiness “sense of urgency” with team buy-in
  • How to build more trust with the Happiness System
  • Educating for understanding – critical numbers and your team
  • Who is the professional in this relationship?

Session 4: Implementing and Living Happiness

  • The proper care and feeding of your Happiness system
  • Tips on gathering the right data
  • How to train your clients to expect Happiness
  • When you know it’s just part of what you do
  • “In our company, Happiness is always free.”

Schedule & What's Included

  • LIVE WORKSHOP: Monday, May 04, 2020 | 11am - 5pm Eastern
    Live, interactive access to Strategies training, without any of the costly travel time and expenses
  • LIVE OFFICE HOURS: Monday, May 11, 2020 | 1 - 2pm Eastern
    Online group coaching designed to give you “work in progress” feedback and guidance from Certified Strategies Coaches and your peers
  • LIVE CRITIQUE SESSION: Monday, May 18, 2020 | 1 - 2pm Eastern
    Final review of completed work to address any questions or concerns before you launch your completed project
  • Onlive Facebook Group*: Private interaction, encouragement and guidance with the Strategies team and your Onlive classmates *Memberships only

All sessions recorded for later viewing


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