May 11, 2020

The Happiness System: Salon/Spa Pre-book Made Simple!

Onlive Training Event

Price: $297

The simple, proven system to drive pre-book, client retention and productivity!

Three of the most important drivers for the growth of your salon, spa or medpa are:

  • Pre-book rates
  • Client retention rates
  • Productivity rates

When these three metrics are optimized, it gets MUCH easier to drive profits, and ultimately create Ultimate Client Experiences for every person that walks in your doors.

In this month’s Onlive Training, we’re going to walk you through a DEAD-SIMPLE system that our salon/spa coaching clients have been using for years to generate dramatic improvements in these three areas — we call it the Happiness System.

At its core, the Happiness System is a simple tracking system to ensure accurate and complete service tickets, verbal and written pre-book and series recommendations, and verbal and written retail recommendations.

It creates seamless accountability and follow-through from service providers and guest services at checkout.

Best of all…it’s easy, doesn’t cost anything, and can be put into action almost immediately.

Every customer deserves “happiness.” It is a disservice both to the client and to the company when “happiness” is not provided.

Register now, and we’ll teach you the entire Happiness System — from development, to launch, to tracking and maintenance.

We’ll walk you through each of the Happiness System’s components —accurate service tickets, verbal/written retail recommendations and pre-book scripting — and outline what role your guest care team plays in ensuring each client receives Happiness.

We kick things off with a live, FULL-DAY online workshop on Monday, May 11th. This is a highly-interactive training designed to take you on a DEEP dive into how to construct your customized Happiness System — from first contact (phone, online, walk-in) to last contact (checkout, client call-backs, etc.). We’ll be fielding your questions all day…so come ready to participate!

We’ll then get back together the following two Wednesdays to answer all your questions (Office Hours – May 20th) and to review your work so you’re ready to launch your plan by the end of the month (Critique Session – May 27th).

Happiness is not just a feeling, it’s a CRITICAL SYSTEM that drives pre-book, client retention and productivity. Register now, and learn how to make Happiness an integral part of your ULTIMATE CLIENT EXPERIENCE by the end of May.

Live Workshop Agenda:

Session 1: The Nuts & Bolts of Happiness

  • The hows and whys of the basic Happiness format
  • Tracking and celebrating successes
  • Happiness by the numbers – CRITICAL NUMBERS, that is!
  • Common Happiness roadblocks
  • The ongoing, never-ending process of education

Session 2: Leadership’s Role with Happiness

  • Putting the WHY in Happiness
  • Modeling the precise behaviors you need to see
  • How to use the NO-COMPROMISE Happiness approach
  • Understanding the growth target impact
  • Communication, communication, communication!

Session 3: Your Team and the Happiness System

  • Driving the Happiness “sense of urgency” with team buy-in
  • How to build more trust with the Happiness System
  • Educating for understanding – critical numbers and your team
  • Who is the professional in this relationship?

Session 4: Implementing and Living Happiness

  • The proper care and feeding of your Happiness system
  • Tips on gathering the right data
  • How to train your clients to expect Happiness
  • When you know it’s just part of what you do
  • “In our company, Happiness is always free.”

Schedule & What's Included

  • LIVE WORKSHOP: Monday, May 11, 2020 | 11am - 5pm Eastern
    Live, interactive access to Strategies training, without any of the costly travel time and expenses
  • LIVE OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 | 1 - 2pm Eastern
    Online group coaching designed to give you “work in progress” feedback and guidance from Certified Strategies Coaches and your peers
  • LIVE CRITIQUE SESSION: Wednesday, May 27, 2020| 1 - 2pm Eastern
    Final review of completed work to address any questions or concerns before you launch your completed project
  • Onlive Facebook Group*: Private interaction, encouragement and guidance with the Strategies team and your Onlive classmates *Memberships only

All sessions recorded for later viewing


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