March 14, 2022

Financial Fitness

Onlive Training Event

Price: $147

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If you run a healthy salon/spa company, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine and go through the daily motions. 

After all, systems are installed and working well, your cash-flow plan is in order, and the culture is growing stronger every day…so why not just coast?

No way! Now is when the fun of building a dynamic company really starts!

This class was designed for those who have perfected living the Cash-Flow Plan and are ready to take the next steps towards financial growth and stability.

Topics will include:

  • Learning how to read and interpret supporting financial reports
  • Exploring how to utilize all financial information to make future planning decisions
  • Beginning a plan to create, shoot for, and hit long-term financial goals
  • Thinking about what’s next: expansion, multiple locations, and succession planning

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Schedule & What's Included

  • LIVE WORKSHOP: Monday, March 14, 2022 | 11am - 3pm Eastern
    Live, interactive Training and Q&A session with the Strategies Education Team
  • Replay access for 30 days (Want longer access to this training and the entire Onlive archive? Start an Onlive Membership today!
  • Onlive Facebook Group*: Private interaction, encouragement and guidance with the Strategies team and your Onlive classmates (*Memberships only)

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