June 14, 2021

Broadband Deep Dive Series: Your Career Path Skill Sets

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This Onlive is the first in a three-part “deep dive” series on Broadbands.

What’s a Broadband? Simply put, it’s a living document that illustrates an employee’s roadmap for growth in your company. This is done by clearly mapping out responsibilities, expectations and milestones across three areas: individual skills and skill sets; team behaviors; and individual strengths and behaviors.

This month’s Onlive is all about your Broadband skill sets, starting with three of the most common mistakes we see owners making with them…

  • They try to turn their skill sets into job descriptions. 
  • They make their skill sets WAY too intricate and complicated.
  • They only use them while having “hard conversations”. 

It’s time to re-group and rediscover the joy and clarity that well-constructed, properly-utilized Broadband skill sets can provide.

Join us for part one of this Broadband series, and we’ll show you how to streamline your skill sets down to just the necessary elements, which will help you provide your team with a much clearer vision of their technical training path, growth potential, and leadership opportunities. 

Lock your spot in now, and discover how to utilize the Broadband as the career counseling tool it was intended to be!

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