Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms:

Pricing does not include educator’s travel and material expenses for on-site training. All payments and travel related expenses to be charged to the credit supplied. Receipts will be provided.

A minimum 12-month commitment is required for all membership levels. All included benefits must be used within 12 months of initial payment. Unused benefits will not “roll-over” to the following year.

By registering online, your first monthly payment will be processed immediately. Your remaining 11 monthly payments will begin 30 days after your initial coaching call.

Cancellation or failure to meet payment will result in full and immediate invoice of either three monthly payments, or the retail value of services rendered (coaching, sessions, on-sites, webinars), whichever is greater.

Substitutions for benefits not included in a given membership level are not permitted. The only exception will be for substituting an event you have already attended for another.

Strategies services are advisory and supportive only. The client bears sole responsibility for the use and implementation of services. The client also agrees to forever indemnify and hold harmless Strategies, its employees and its authorized representatives from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from your activities related to the subject matter herein.


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