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Learn the Ultimate Blueprint for
Employee-Based Salon, Spa & Medspa Growth

January 8-11, 2023 | Austin, TX

A limited-attendance event! We WILL sell out. Lock in your seats now!

"You'd literally have to sleep through the Incubator to fail to make back the money you spent on it."
Heather Strock
Heather Strock
Canary Salon - Seattle, WA

What attendees are saying about the Incubator

Your Incubator Agenda

January 8, 2023 - 9-5PM Eastern

Day 1

  • How the Team-Based Business Model Works
  • The Three Rules for Reengineering Your Salon/Spa Business Model
  • No-Compromise Leadership
  • The Four Business Outcomes
  • The Eight Drivers That Fuel Your Company
  • Team-Based Pay: What It Is, Why It Works
  • The Team-Based Business Model In Action
  • Introduction to Strategies Command Center
January 9, 2023 - 9-5PM Eastern

Day 2

  • Building a Cash-Flow Plan
  • Getting Financial Control of Your Company
  • Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
  • Projecting Growth
  • Pay Calculations
  • Living the Cash-Flow Plan
  • Benchmarks
  • Team Rewards
January 10, 2023 - 9-5PM Eastern

Day 3

  • Scoreboards & Huddles
  • Increasing Pre-booking & Retail Sales with The Happiness System
  • Staff & Client Retention
  • Broadbands (Career Paths)
  • Performance & Wage Reviews...Two VERY Different Things!
  • Skill Certification
  • Team Service
January 11, 2023 - 9-5PM Eastern

Day 4

  • Pricing Services
  • Five-Year Forecaster
  • Leading the Culture Shift to No Compromise
  • Your 18-month Incubator Game Plan
  • Implementation Checklist
  • Graduation

Don't worry, you are not alone. Best of all, you're in the right place! At the Strategies Incubator, we've helped thousands of salon/spa owners just like you crack the code on how to build, retain and sustain incredibly-profitable businesses ... with engaged and loyal staff members leading the charge.

"It's not easy to change someone's mind and behavior, but Incubator has done that to me. 'Fired up' doesn't even describe my state of mind. I'm liberated and encouraged to know I still love this industry after all these years. It's going to be even more rewarding moving forward — and I am not just talking about money. Job well done, Strategies!"
Laurent Paris
Paris Claire Salon - Coral Gables

Why the Incubator is different than other salon/spa business events...and gets results

We understand what it's like to be an employee-based salon, spa or medspa owner. You wear multiple hats and, for the most part, are the one person responsible for the success (or failure) of your business.

But running a successful salon or spa isn't so easy. "Should I really give my top producers more commission? What if they decide to leave and rent a chair? Why aren't we making any money? When do I get to start getting paid like an owner? When will this be fun again?"

These are serious questions...ones that can have a major impact on the future of your company ... and the livelihoods of the families that it supports. You can't afford to make the wrong decision.

In other don't want or need "suggestions" that are just a different spin on the same old approach.

What you REALLY want is a detailed blueprint on EXACTLY what to do, using PROVEN systems that have produced REAL RESULTS!


That's exactly what the Incubator Seminar has been doing for over 28 years. It is the most intensive four-day business program in the beauty industry, designed for owners who are ready to build healthy, profitable, and fun salons, spas and medspas.

Every conceivable business process will be examined and reengineered to meet the rigid demands of growing a salon or spa business in today’s fast-paced, non-forgiving economy.

You will NOT leave the Incubator armed with a re-packaged version of the broken business models that are responsible for the struggles that so many of today's salon and spa owners now face.

What you will leave with is a vividly-clear vision of your salon or spa's future that will inspire and benefit every member of your team.

Here's what you'll learn during January's Incubator


  • Understand what all those numbers mean
  • Make sense of what your accountant tells you
  • Know how to use the information in your financial reports to help you make smart decisions about your business
  • The function, difference and connection between the four financial reports: Balance sheet, Profit & Loss statement
  • Statement of Cash Flows and Cash-Flow Projection.

Systems to drive growth

  • First-time client retention
  • Existing client retention
  • Productivity
  • Retail product per client sold
  • Pre-book ratio
  • Client receiving verbal/written product recommendations

Team-Based Pay

  • Exploding the myths of Team-Based Pay (no…there won’t be a walkout)
  • Why no one ever gets a pay cut
  • Learn how to reward staff based on their contribution to growth and true quality
  • Develop a pay program that encourages and rewards TRUE teamwork
  • How your pay program can provide your clients with a better salon/spa experience
  • Why top producers have the most to gain…without raising prices or commission rates
  • Using Broadbands to map out employee career paths based on performance and skill attainment
  • Understanding pay raises
  • Moving towards team service

Benchmarks: What are you shooting for?

  • Annual revenue growth rate per year
  • Net profit
  • Service payroll percent of total service and retail revenues
  • Professional product cost
  • Retail product cost
  • Target gross profit margin
  • Front desk and administrative payroll
  • Officer’s salary
  • Advertising & promotion
  • Rent
  • Total General & Administrative expenses
  • Cash reserves

The Big 8 Drivers

  • Culture: The collective behavior of the company
  • Sense of urgency: The energy that drives performance and growth
  • Critical numbers: Numbers that, if changed, have a profound impact on the company
  • Information flow: Top down, bottom up – everyone knows the score
  • Teamwork: The heartbeat of the company that gets the job done
  • Innovation: Stay out of the box. Do it better, faster, cheaper
  • Systems: The procedures and structure to produce the right results
  • Accountability: Delivering what was promised – when it was promised

Pricing Services

  • What does it cost to produce a salon/spa/medspa service?
  • How to determine if you are making or losing money on your services
  • Calculating your costs per revenue-producing hour
  • How to find a profitable service price

Skill Certification

  • Why your business needs a skill-certification program
  • Learn how and why to develop a comprehensive in-house skill certification program to guarantee consistent service quality from everyone on the team
  • The three major skill certification training areas: technical, professional/organizational and personal/cultural
  • The 6 steps to building a Skill-Certification Program
  • Creating the Ideal Client Experience


  • Leading the Culture Shift to No Compromise
  • Your 18-month Incubator action plan
  • Implementation Checklist
  • The 10 “new thinking” non-negotiables

What MORE Incubator attendees are saying...

What staff and clients are saying about Team-Based Pay

Who is Strategies?

Salon Today Cover

For over 28 years, leading business-minded salon/spa owners have been turning to Strategies for the systems, guidance and accountability needed to achieve consistent bottom-line profits, dynamic team-driven cultures and unrivaled customer programs.

We deliver these tools through our expansive offering of coaching services, seminars, webinars and membership programs.

How is Strategies different?

For years, we’ve watched this industry dive into a tailspin due to a lack of financial literacy and leadership skills. Unfortunately, most consulting firms gloss over these issues, never addressing old practices that feed the "I/me/mine" and "I'm not paid to do that" behaviors that plague so many salons/spas.

At Strategies, we don’t shy away from the real work that needs to be done.

You need to understand your numbers.

You need a pay program that you can afford and that rewards the right behaviors (we’re the inventors of Team-Based Pay). You need systems — for everything.

Most importantly, you need the skills to become the leader your business needs you to be. The Strategies Incubator Seminar can help you achieve all of these goals and more.

Don’t delay…this small-attendance Incubator will absolutely sell out.

Register now to secure your seats!

Single attendee: $1,695

Two attendees: $2,395 (must be from same business)

Each additional: $695

January 8-11, 2023 | TCEA Conference Center | Austin, Texas

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 14 days of the event:
A cancellation fee of $250 per person will be assessed with the balance held as a credit towards a future event.

Strategies Member Seminar Cancellation:
Classes cancelled within 14 days of the event will result in losing the allotted seminar credit from your Strategies Membership.

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