April 15 - 17, 2018 | 9:00am - 5:00pm

Skill Certification: Delivering Team-Based Service


FACT: Delivering excellence and extraordinary client service experiences are the result of training, systems and accountability

Today, having your own in-house Skill Certification Program is a non-negotiable.

Delivering service excellence is about creating consistency in every area of your salon/spa. You will leave with the knowledge and tools to build a complete Team Service and Skill Certification program at all levels — from service providers and support staff to front desk/guest services.

This training will help you create a noticeable, measurable and marketable point of difference over your competition…and will enable your team to provide clients with a “WOW” factor on every visit.

You will learn:

  • How Skill Certification impacts Productivity, Profitability, Staff Retention and Customer Loyalty
  • How Team-Based Service improves customer retention, productivity and culture
  • Systems and scripts to create team service excellence
  • Detailed Flow Chart outlining your Training Program for each department in your company
  • How to create a foundation and process for writing your skill certification manual
  • How to implement your skill certification program, and how to get your team involved in the process
  • An Evaluation process to ensure consistency and proper training

This is 3-day workshop format. Each day builds on the other with time to work on your company’s program and needs.

Who should attend:
Any person/team that is looking for the key point of difference for their company. This class is geared to building a Service and Skill Certification program from the ground up. Company size does not matter.


Air travel: Bradley International Airport – Hartford, CT

Hotels (off-site):

  • Bushnell House – 860.399.4777
  • Captain Stannard House – 860.399.4634
  • The Copper Beech Inn – 888.809.2056
  • The Griswold Inn (B&B) – 860.767.1776
  • Guest House Retreat & Conference Center – 860.322.5770
  • Quality Inn – 860.395.1414
  • Saybrook Point Inn – 860.395.2000 or 800.243.0212
  • Water’s Edge Inn & Resort – 860.399.5901 or 800.222.5901
  • Westbrook Inn – 800.342.3162

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