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June 4th, 2023 - June 6th, 2023

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

SR Academy - 3500 W. 6th Street, #32, Los Angeles CA

In-person Seminar | Intended for: Managers/Owners

$1450 per person

Do you strive for 5-star excellence? Join us for Crosswalk in sunny Los Angeles, California

This fresh, unique learning experience combines Sally Rogerson’s expert, hands-on technical training with the Strategies Ultimate Customer Experience. Together, we’ll provide a balanced, 360-degree view of the client journey. This combination will guarantee repeat business, revenue growth, and skill development. 

For this training, we’re teaming up with world renowned educator and co-founder of the SR Hair Society, Sally Rogerson. Prior to starting SR Hair Society, Sally was an educator, platform artist, and Creative Director with Vidal Sassoon Academy for over 20 years. 

Each day will be divided between creative, hands-on instruction, and learning how to grow your business by improving rapport with your clients. Strategies will bring their proven business expertise and 29 years of specialized industry experience, and Sally will bring her innovative, modern approach to technical training. 

Let’s begin with Sally… 

Foundations of Haircutting Level 1

The backbone of the SR Hair Society training program, this 1 1/2 day session covers three SR classic cuts and fundamental haircutting theory. Our simple but effective methods are designed to make you a more confident and versatile stylist. This class is suitable for all experience levels and provides the fundamental tools and cutting techniques needed to build a catalog of cuts through hands-on practical work sessions.

Areas of Learning:

  • Lines

  • Graduation

  • Layering

  • Correct hand and body position

  • Sectioning

  • Use of tools

  • Precision cutting

Let’s move on to the Strategies Ultimate Customer Experience…

During Crosswalk, we’ll help you understand and master these 3 key factors: 

  • Retention

  • Prebook

  • Retail  

Client retention is the lifeblood of any business and our true marker of success. During Crosswalk, we’ll cover every aspect of outstanding service and help you create lasting relationships with every client. We don’t just want clients to leave happy - we want them to keep coming back! 

One bulletproof way to retain clients is through prebooking at the end of each appointment. Prebook is directly tied to productivity - and therefore, revenue - which is why it’s such a crucial factor in the growth of your business. However, getting some clients to make that commitment in advance can be tricky. This class will cover several tips and strategies that will help you seal the deal.

To know how far out to prebook your client, you also need to understand how they’re caring for their hair at home. That means recommending products that will keep them looking their best. Not a great salesperson? Enroll in Crosswalk to learn how to confidently sell your clients the products that will suit their needs. Improving your retail practices will generate a great experience AND increase your sales revenue! It’s a win-win!

This training will be a fun, creative, in-depth experience that will help any stylist become more flexible, confident, and well-rounded. Register for Crosswalk today and leave with all the key benchmarks, systems, and communication to form the ultimate client experience! 

This course also includes a one-month complimentary membership to the SR Hair Society Online Classroom: