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May 5th, 2024 - May 6th, 2024

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Strategies Business Academy

Old Lyme, CT 06371

In-person Seminar | Intended for: Owners

Recruiting Workshop

"I can't find good people."

Sound familiar?

Now more than ever, salon and spa owners are met with frustration when trying to recruit qualified service providers. 

The whole process — from where to find them, to communicating your company's values, to making your culture stand out to potential candidates — can be very undaunting.

So let's change that!

Join us for this two-day Recruiting Workshop, where we'll help you build a hiring process that attracts your ideal candidates and showcases your company's values and culture.

Here's what we'll cover during our two days together: 

  • Crafting Your Team Member Avatar: Understand your ideal team member by creating a detailed avatar. Identify the qualities, skills, and values that align with your business goals.

  • Communicating Your Essence: Learn how to effectively convey your company's values, vision, and culture to potential recruits and new hires. Develop strategies to attract individuals who resonate with your brand.

  • Building a Seamless Interview Process: From constructing your interview process to formulating compelling questions, we guide you in creating a thorough system to identify the best candidates for your team.

By the end of the workshop, you'll be equipped to:

  • Execute Your Recruitment Strategy: Gain clarity on how to recruit and hire confidently. Know exactly who you're looking for and where to find them in the competitive market.

  • Showcase Your Company: Learn the art of presenting your business in the best light, attracting top talent who align with your organizational ethos.

  • Implement 365 Recruiting: Understand the 365 recruiting concept – a continuous, year-round approach to building your team for sustained success.

  • Outreach Proactively: Learn the art of reaching out to potential candidates and initiating the recruiting process with finesse.

  • Interview Effectively: From standard interviews to technical assessments, navigate the entire spectrum with confidence. By the end, you'll be adept at extending offers and securing the best talent for your team.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your recruiting strategy! Secure your spot at the Recruiting Workshop and unlock the tools to build a dynamic, high-performing team.

What's a Strategies Workshop?

Strategies Workshops are hands-on, guided discussions designed to help you finally conquer and complete that one thing that's been looming on your to-do list.

Each two-day workshop will provide a collaborative environment where you'll work side-by-side with fellow success-driven salon/spa professionals as you all work together to get your projects across the finish line.

That means LOTS of real-world sharing of ideas, systems, failures, triumphs, and breakthroughs.

You'll also have access to the expert guidance of our Certified Strategies Coaches, who will facilitate each session to ensure you stay on track and get stuff done.

Are Strategies Workshops right for me?

YES! Both leaders/owners and team members can benefit from workshops. In fact, we encourage you to come as a team! It's an opportunity to get a new perspective and work together to complete tasks you don't have time to do during the workday. Collaboration and problem-solving are great ways to strengthen your culture and your team. And at Strategies Workshops, we're all about collaborations and solutions!


We strive to make sure your learning experience at the Strategies Business Academy is a productive and comfortable one. Here's everything you'll need to know to get the most out of your time here.

Drive times:
  • Providence Rhode Island T.F. Green Int'l Airport to Strategies - 55 minutes
  • Hartford/Springfield Bradley Int'l Airport to Strategies - 60 minutes
  • Tweed-New Haven Airport to Strategies - 35 minutes

Click here for driving directions.

Attendees SHOULD NOT come to the day of the seminar if they have COVID-19, COVID-19 symptoms, or know they have been exposed to COVID-19. If you are feeling sick, please stay home. Please contact Christy Harty ([email protected]), before the start of your event, citing your exposure to COVID-19.

Event Policies

  • Seminar cancellation for non-members: Cancellation within 14 days of the event, a cancellation fee of $250 per person will be assessed with the balance held as a credit towards a future event.
  • Seminar cancellation for memberships that include All-Access education: Cancellation within 30 days of the registered seminar event will result in $250 fee per seat.
  • Seminar cancellation for Basic members: Cancellation within 30 days of the registered seminar event will result in losing the allotted seminar credit from your Strategies Membership.