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January 8th, 2023 - January 10th, 2023

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

TCEA Conference Center, Austin TX

In-person Seminar | Intended for: Owners

6 monthly payments of $495 per person ($2,970 total)

Do you dream of starting your own business but aren’t sure if you’re ready to leap? 

Going from a rental suite, sole proprietorship, or commission environment to owning your own business can be a tough transition. Yes, the opportunity sounds exciting and liberating…but it can also be a little intimidating. 

There are so many factors at play and legal hoops to jump through. You need…

  • A location to work from

  • Equipment

  • Financial planning

  • A company structure

  • A team to keep it all running

All of this can be overwhelming - and it should be. This is serious business! 

So, are you up for the challenge? 

If so, we invite you to join us for Launch!, an enhanced business certification program that provides all the resources and wisdom you’ll need to become a proud business owner.

Launch! is a new hybrid learning experience that combines three days of in-person training along with six months of personalized coaching to equip you with everything you’ll need to get your new salon, spa, or medspa off the ground.  

This limited-attendance training will kick off January 8-10 in Austin, TX. It will be an intense journey full of helpful tips and proven methods to build a strong foundation for success.

Here’s where we’ll start:

  • What is your vision, and how do you stay true to that as your business grows?

  • What does your company stand for? What have you set out to do?

  • What kind of culture are you trying to create?

  • What does your pricing structure look like?

  • How do you gauge your financial health and growth?

  • How do you build profitability into your plan?

Next, it’s all about leadership. Yup, that’s your job now! As a solopreneur, you may not even know the meaning of the word “delegate,” but it’s time to start learning. During your Launch! training, we’ll show you how to be the leader your team needs. 

That means ensuring you have the skills and confidence to become a great leader who is…

  • Empathetic

  • Grounded

  • Available

  • Positive

  • Sacrificing

  • Pragmatic

Next, it’s all about hiring! Because to lead a team, you first need people! Launch! will help you address all your burning hiring questions, such as:

  • When should I hire? 

  • How many? 

  • What can I pay? 

  • How do I plan and communicate their growth path? 

  • What kind of employees am I looking for? 

  • Most importantly, what does a potential team member want

To give you clarity on how to recruit, hire, train, and grow your team, we have an arsenal of tools and practices you can put in place. During Launch!, we’ll show you how to use this Team-Based Business Model to curate a company culture that fosters team growth and loyalty. After all, you’re not just hiring staff - you’re assembling a team that will grow with you! The Team-Based Business Model will help you create the best environment for driving that growth.

Having a well-rounded business model will also help you balance each of these delicate components of your company’s ecosystem: 

  • Schedule

  • Leadership

  • Education

  • Compensation

  • Benefits

  • Stewardship 

However, your journey doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. Your Launch! plan continues with personalized bi-monthly coaching to help you apply what you’ve learned in class. This ongoing support will help you smash milestones, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be fully certified to start your own business. 

Upon completion of the Launch! coaching package, you’ll have a firm grasp on: 

  • Service Pricing

  • Financial Literacy

  • Your Cash-Flow Plan

  • Compensation Program

  • Recruiting/Hiring

  • Leadership Skills

  • Communication Systems

  • And more!

Building a company is a lot to take in, but with your enrollment in Launch!, you’ll be going into this better prepared than most. 

Reserve your spot in Launch! now, and get all the tools, skills, and training to establish a thriving business. We’ll set you up on the launchpad using tried-and-true methods, so all you have to do is take off! 

Enrollment is limited to 40 attendees. Reserve your spot today!

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  • AUS | Austin Bergstrom Airport

    Austin, TX

  • Hotels (off-site):

    Attendees SHOULD NOT come to the day of the seminar if they have COVID-19, COVID-19 symptoms, or know they have been exposed to COVID-19. If you are feeling sick, please stay home. Please contact Christy Harty ([email protected]), before the start of your event, citing your exposure to COVID-19.

    Event Policies

    • Seminar cancellation for non-members: Cancellation within 14 days of the event, a cancellation fee of $250 per person will be assessed with the balance held as a credit towards a future event.
    • Seminar cancellation for memberships that include All-Access education: Cancellation within 30 days of the registered seminar event will result in $250 fee per seat.
    • Seminar cancellation for Basic members: Cancellation within 30 days of the registered seminar event will result in losing the allotted seminar credit from your Strategies Membership.

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