In the salon & spa business, consistency is everything.

Is your salon/spa staff delivering extraordinary service excellence to every client? On every visit?

As a salon, spa, med-spa or barbershop owner, you want to see your team and company grow.

And your employees want to enjoy their work and advance their career growth, as well.

But without an internal training program to instruct your service and guest care providers on how to work together and deliver consistent results and experiences for your clients, your company will only experience inconsistent, unpredictable growth at best.


Because sustainable growth comes from delivering consistent service excellence to every client – on every visit. More importantly, service excellence that is “scalable.” Scalable means having a step-by-step, fully customizable, internal training program focused on these five functional areas:

  1. Recruiting & Hiring
    Great teams start with great team members. But how do you recruit and retain them? During your ITP Training, you’ll discover and implement creative ways of attracting your ideal team members using a process we call “365 Recruiting.” We’ll also help you structure your interview process so that you stand out to potential new hires, and leave them feeling like they wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.
  2. On-Boarding
    New hires deserve to be set up to succeed from day one. And the best way to make that happen is with a well-designed on-boarding program. Going much deeper than a simple orientation process, on-boarding is a thorough and in-depth part of training that begins before new hires begin their technical-skill training. During your ITP Training, we’ll help you build a customized on-boarding program that empowers every new hire to become a strong member of your team-based culture.
  3. Growth Paths for Employees
    Communicating career path opportunities to employees isn’t always an easy task. During your ITP Training, we’ll help you define the skill sets for each department in your company, allowing you to provide your employees with absolute clarity on the actions and behaviors your company needs and expects to maintain a strong and nurtured culture. With our train-the-trainer approach, you’ll gain confidence in mastering this tool.
  4. Training Plans & Scheduling
    Random and disorganized “training” creates unhappy clients and disappointed team members. ITP membership will give you the tools you need to layout, plan and organize your training program for new hires, giving them clear understanding of the expectations and timeframes associated with their team-based skill certification. There will be no doubt in what they will be learning, how long it will take, and what’s expected during each work shift.
  5. Monetizing Your Internal Training Program
    Training can be expensive…but not properly skill-certifying your team members can cost your company even more. During ITP Training, we’ll show you how to structure your training program to be self-funding. Not only will this get those amazing new hires performing higher-quality skills at a faster rate, but it will also allow them to start generating revenue for the company sooner, in a way that leads to fewer redo’s, higher client retention, and increased retail sales.

Without this training, employees become stagnant and in some cases, end up leaving the company.

Strategies Internal Training Program (ITP) teaches salon, spa, med-spa and barbershop owners how to build a profitable and team-based training program for all team members with your brand in mind.

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What's Included:

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Private Internal Training Coaching Sessions:
Work one-on-one with a Certified Strategies Coach every step of the way to build, fine-tune and deploy your training program.

One (1) Elements Seminar (2 Seats)
A three-day workshop designed to help you build
your salon/spa handbook.

Monthly Members Only Jam Session Zoom Meetings

Two (2) Private Virtual Trainings for You & Team (Half Day)

One (1) Two-Day Onsite - ITP (Re)Train:
Put your new Internal Training Program into action with a (Re)Train of your staff led by your Certified Strategies Coach. These on-sites will help you refine your ITP tools, present your ITP program, and begin the process of retraining your team.

Twelve (12) Internal Training Program Online Course Modules:
The core training portion of your ITP learning…available for self-paced online viewing.

Four (4) ITP Live Group Sessions:
Quarterly group sessions to get your questions answered, as your ITP coaches provide additional insights on important areas of your Internal Training Program, including model calls, hiring, guest care, signature systems and more.

Private Business Coaching Sessions:
Work one-on-one with a Certified Strategies Coach to grow your business, and to build, fine-tune and deploy your training program.

Onlive Access
Full Access to Live & On-Demand Trainings**

Members Only Strategies Connect Facebook Group

Members-only Internal Training Program Facebook Group:
Private interaction, encouragement and guidance with the Strategies team and your ITP classmates.

Strategies Command Center:
Use Strategies’ cloud-based coaching system to access to an unrivaled array of instructional videos, coaching tools, project management and planning templates.

50% off all other seminar purchases:
Attend the most in-depth salon/spa business events in the industry for half price! (Does not include TBP Conference)

* Plus on-site educator travel and material expenses.
** Access expires at termination of membership.

14-month membership


What owners and their teams are saying about ITP...

"Building our Internal Training Program with Strategies has been a total game changer for our team and our company! It has provided clarity around all of our systems and procedures, and everyone in the company knows exactly what is expected from them."

Rachel Beechboard – Libelle Beech Salon – Lebanon, TN


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