Behind every great business is great technology. Keeping up with all of the changes in technology and online services is hard, but you need to communicate and market like the big boys or your business won’t survive. Demandforce is here to help. They take an award winning communication portfolio, with easy to use online reputation tools and our broad consumer network, to become the marketing team your business needs. Learn more at


With 23 years of salon/spa experience, simple setup and world-class technology and support, there is no software that we recommend more than Millennium. How much does Strategies like Millennium Software? We run our entire company on it! You should too. Learn more at


Use your Wella Global Elite points for Strategies Coaching and Training Services. Strategies and Wella have put together an expansive offering of training options, including Webinars, Seminars, On-site Training and one-on-one Coaching. Each of these services are either complimentary, or heavily-discounted with Global Elite Point pricing! Learn more at: or register directly in the “Business Builders” section at


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