On-site Training

Personalized salon coaching, customized and brought directly to you and your team.

Strategies On-Site Salon & Spa Business Training

There is no better way for Strategies to help reignite the fire in your business than by bringing us on-site. Strategies’ on-site salon coaching seminars are unlike anything you’ve experienced. The pace is fast, and you will see results!

Why you should bring Strategies into your salon, spa or medspa:

  • On-site business training is personalized using your business as the template. Everything is designed for your company.
  • Your entire team hears the same message at the same time. Discussion is focused, and your whole staff benefits.
  • Travel expenses are limited, as you won’t have to pay for airfare, hotel and meals for multiple staff members.
  • There’s no time away from the business for travel.
  • You’ll receive follow up after the on-site business training seminar, so that the concepts learned and changes generated continue for surefire results.

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