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24 Private Coaching Sessions (2 per month):
A Certified Strategies Coach will work directly with you, your leadership team and trainers to implement and refine your newly-created training program

One two-day on-site:
Customized to your team's needs

Members-only Internal Training Program 2.0 Facebook Group:
Private interaction, encouragement and guidance with the Strategies team and your ITP 2.0 classmates

12-month membership



Simply designing your company's internal training program isn't enough.

You also need to know how to launch it so that your team is excited, understands "the why" of the program, and is whole-heartedly engaged to produce results!

The ITP 2.0 Membership was designed to help you get your team on board by focusing on three key internal training areas:

Implementation: Introducing a new training program to your team in a way that is exciting and easily understood requires careful preparation. This Implementation phase also requires detailed organizational plans and consistent communication to strengthen the team's overall commitment to your internal training program.

Accountability: Redesigning the way your team is trained and works is asking the them to do something in a different way in the name of improvement. In ITP 2.0, we’ll show you how to support this progress from design to implementation by upping your accountability game. We’ll also focus on the behaviors and communication skills of both leadership and your training team, with a strong emphasis on maintaining accountability and coaching for growth.

Clear Strategic Growth Planning for the next 3-5 years: Where do you want to see your company in 3-5 years? No matter where you are in the life-cycle of your company, you must know this answer. The work you completed in ITP 1.0 means you have a clear and concise training plan to help drive your company's growth. Now it’s time to leverage what you've built and use it to build your company's 3-to-5-year strategic growth plan and beyond.


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