Increase Sales & Profits

Just because your salon/spa is busy doesn’t mean its profitable. And if you’re pushing hard to increase sales because you’re fighting cash flow, chances are, you’re struggling to be profitable too.

The dirty little truth about increasing sales and salon profits is that it takes significantly more than filling columns on the appointment book. We can show you how to dramatically increase sales and profits without spending a dime on marketing. We do it using our salon/spa specific systems that have been proven for over two decades.

If your current approach hasn’t been working … it’s time for a business upgrade. Yes, our systems require work, commitment, team engagement and accountability … but that’s what growing a dynamic and profitable business is all about.

Team-Based Pay is a better way to do business…

We know our sales and profitability systems can do the following for your business …

  • Drive your productivity rate to +/-85 percent via our “team-based approach” where “everyone is responsible for every hour the company has available for sale”
  • Unite the efforts of your technical and guest services staff with a powerfully simple system that dramatically increases rebook rates and salon retail sales
  • Increase salon profits by pricing services based on our “cost per hour” formula rather than guesswork, emotion and ego
  • Create planned profitability using our “Cash-Flow Projection” system

Want to increase retail sales & client retention by 10-15%?
Want pre-book rates as high as 90%? We’ll show you how.

Written by Strategies’ Founder & CEO Neil Ducoff, the creator of Team-Based Pay, this white paper provides comprehensive explanation of how the system works, its benefit to your business and your clients, as well as personal stories from salon and spa owners who currently use the Team-Based Pay structure. The changes in their businesses are astounding.


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