Improve Systems & Culture

You didn’t start your own business to be stressed out, be a babysitter or work your butt off while employees keep asking for more and do less.

If you keep asking, “How many times do I have to tell them?” or, “Can’t they just do their job?” … your salon spa is in desperate need of new systems and a culture shift.

At Strategies, we say, “Systems set you free.” Systems create consistency, efficiency and predictability. Ultimately, how well you implement and dial in your systems defines your most precious asset – your brand identity.

Contaminated cultures are dysfunctional and routinely wreck the confidence of owners to lead and to fear change and staff resistance. The industry term for this is “hostage management.” At Strategies, we are experts at helping salons and spas create dynamic team-based cultures.

So … if you want to experience what it’s like to have systems set you free and how to shift your culture from “I/me/mine” to a team-based “we/us/the company/the team” …

No problem. Gotcha’ covered!

Team-Based is a better way to do business…

We know what Strategies systems and a team-based culture can do for your business …

  • Increase the productivity rate across of your entire appointment book
  • Increase first-time and existing client retention rates
  • Increase client frequency of visit
  • Spend more time leading and growing your salon or spa than working behind the chair or treatment room
  • Enjoy team buy-in on new systems – and get those systems to stick long term

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