Be a Better Leader

All salon/spa leaders want their companies to perform flawlessly, but flawless performance is a rare occurrence. All leaders want their employees to believe in and support their salon/spa’s vision, but employees can find it hard to keep believing. All leaders want employees to be loyal and respectful, but loyalty and respect are values leaders earn.

All leaders want profitability and positive cash flow, but profitability and cash flow is an outcome of the leader’s financial discipline.

You’re the leader, and what happens on your watch is the your responsibility. When things don’t go right, when mistakes happen, goals are missed, your culture becomes contaminated and toxic, profits turn to loss, and debt increases … all these are connected to the leader’s thinking and behavior.

If you feel stuck and that your elusive “next level” always seems just out of reach, it’s time to upgrade your leadership skills.

At Strategies, we teach and coach the leadership principles that our founder and CEO Neil Ducoff documented in his award-winning book, No-Compromise Leadership.

No-Compromise Leadership is more than just a philosophy or cool business battle cry. It’s about making a choice between no-compromise and compromise – between ordinary and extraordinary.

Strategies is a better way to do business…

We know what Strategies No-Compromise Leadership thinking and behavior can do for you and your business …

  • Create shared ownership in achieving your salon/spa’s vision and goals
  • Shift the thinking from “build my clientele” to “grow the salon/spa”
  • Manage cash flow, reduce and eliminate debt
  • Rid yourself from the stress that comes from procrastinating
  • Create and protect a salon/spa culture that loves to win

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