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Stop standing in your own way!

Most often, your most intelligent business advisor is that little voice inside your head. It's that little voice telling you it's time to make that tough decision you've been avoiding, to have that fierce conversation, to pay attention to your numbers and all those other things that you know need doing. It's almost comedic how that little voice inside your head knows the right thing to do. It's not so funny when you ignore it and get yourself and your company into difficult and compromising situations.

That little voice is so smart because you already know the best decisions, projects and tasks to be done. You may not know all the details, but you know and understand the basic framework. When your little voice doesn't have a specific answer, it will guide you to it. And yes, your little voice will even coach you to be accountable, trustworthy, tenacious and consistent. What more could you ask for than to have a brilliant advisor and coach residing in your own cranium and at your beck and call 24/7?

Listening and responding to your little voice demands mental discipline - a lot of discipline. More often than not, ignoring it leads you down the path of compromise. It's easier to procrastinate, avoid and take the easy way out than to roll up your sleeves and conquer. It's easier to be indifferent, self-centered and disrespectful than 100% committed to leading with integrity and to respect others. It's easier to accept "I don't care" and "average" than doing the work you know it requires to achieve your full potential - and your company's vision.

If you're tired of "average" and plugging leaks in the bottom of your ship - leaks you helped to create - stop standing in your own way and start listening to that little voice inside your head. You know you need to be accountable, to plan, to pay attention to your numbers and to live your cash-flow plan. You know that quarterly performance reviews are done quarterly, not annually. You know that avoiding today's small problems fuels tomorrow's business disasters.

If that little voice in your head knows how to get you out of your own way, that means you know what to do and what needs to get done. The only question is, will you do it?

On a personal note: I got up this morning at 4:30 to go to spin class. It was 14 degrees when I left for the gym. When my alarm went off my first thought was to go back to sleep. My little voice sprang to life and said, "Hey sport, you said you were 100% committed to working out. Get up and do it. No compromise." It was a great class. I felt great all day. Thank you, little voice.

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Neil Ducoff, Strategies founder & CEO and author of No-Compromise Leadership


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