1-on-1 Coaching

Step-by-step guidance from a certified salon/spa consultant

Running a salon or spa is hard work…

As owners and managers, we all have intentions to achieve big goals for our salons or spas.

Whether it’s…

  • Driving sales
  • Attracting new clients
  • Creating systems for consistency
  • Or creating a plan for growth

But as we often find, the day-to-day challenges and responsibilities of running a spa or salon business often completely handcuff our ability to work on the business.

That’s why sometimes it makes sense to have a coach….

Someone that knows the business side of running a salon or spa and can help you implement the systems and changes needed to not only grow your company, but free you up to work on the things you love most.

That’s where Strategies’ Coaching comes in.

Whether it’s developing and adhering to a cash-flow plan or making sure that your staff is on board with your latest customer-service initiatives, a Certified Strategies Coach can help you make and stick to a plan, one that includes both long-term and short-range goals.

Call after call, you will be guided to self-discovery, improved systems and measurable results. Expect to gain confidence in your leadership and decision-making skills as you learn how to propel your business to greatness. E-mail communication with your salon consultant in between calls will help ensure that you are always on track to achieve your goals.

We help salon, spa and medspa owners:

  • Be better leaders.
  • Capitalize on opportunities.
  • Compete in an upside-down economy.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Love owning a business again.
  • Plan exit strategies.
  • Design a pay programs they can afford.
  • Overcome cash-flow challenges.
  • Hold staff accountable.
  • Drive sales.
  • Attract new clients.

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